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Warehouse Equipment

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Locators are the leading independent materials handling company in the South of England. We are well-connected suppliers of top-tier warehouse equipment. Despite our connections, you should expect impartial advice and high-quality services. Our experts may operate at the scale of a national company but we deliver that personal touch. We’ve supplied some of the largest companies in the area over the years, as well as some of the smaller ones too. With 75+ experienced staff members and 20 mobile field engineers, we offer a host of specialist services.

Locators are also well-known Forklift Suppliers who are well-regarded for their Storage Solutions. Our esteemed experts can advise you on how best to maintain your warehouse equipment. We’d go so far as to say our services can give your business a competitive edge.

From the elfin to the elite, we supply a range of warehouse equipment:

  • Toyota Towing Trucks (Tracto & Simai)
  • Toyota Powered Stacker Trucks (BT Staxio Range)
  • Toyota Powered Pallet Trucks (BT Levio Range)
  • Toyota Reach Trucks (BT Reflex Range)
  • Combi Pedestrian Stackers
  • BT Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (Vector Range)
  • BT Order Picking (Optio Range)


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We don’t just supply warehouse equipment, we also offer maintenance check-ups too. Need independent advice with your current warehouse set-up? Want to improve your staff’s efficiency with your current fleet? Locators have helped hundreds maximise their warehouse productivity and minimise their fuel costs. Service focused, we’re experts at supporting and maintaining your warehouse equipment. We may have the resources of a national company but we’ve retained our one2one discourse. We have a team of 18 field service engineers and a comprehensive stock of spare parts for all machines. So there’s no need to wait!

Locators have over 35 years’ experience as a regional Toyota Materials Handling Equipment dealer. In fact, we’re the South’s leading forklift supplier. Dedicated to reliable services, Locators equip agricultural, industrial and manufacturing sectors. We make sure we do this in a professional and timely manner and aim to find warehouse equipment that’s right for you.

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Toyota Towing Trucks (Tracto & Simai)

These towing trucks can handle palletised as well as non-palletised loads. There are light and heavy-duty models that operate both indoor and outdoor. As with most of the following ranges, they come with three manoeuvrability options. These are pedestrian, stand-in and seated. The maximum load capacity is technically 49 tonnes, (although the rest of the range is closer to 6 tonnes). 

Toyota Powered Stacker Trucks (BT Staxio Range)

This range introduces a variety of stacking capability options. Ideally suited to warehouses, the majority of stackers are only practical using Euro pallets. However, the Staxio W series can handle both UK and Euro pallets. When using a stacker, it is important to understand the limitations of pallet types. You should also assess the terrain and the type of racking in use. The maximum load capacity of this range is 2.0 tonnes, however it is capable of lifting loads to heights of 6.3 metres.

Toyota Powered Pallet Trucks (BT Levio Range)

Used for a wide variety of warehouse applications, such as loading/unloading, order picking and horizontal transport. They come in three key styles. The walk-behind TOYOTA powered pallet truck is used to stabilise lighter applications. It is capable of travelling with your delivery vehicle for unloading the other side. The LWE and P series are more of a heavy-duty piece of warehouse equipment. Its advanced active castor stabilisation makes it an extremely safe machine. If you need to move loads over longer distances, then you need the TOYOTA S or R series of stand-in and sit-on machines. The maximum load capacity for the entire range is 2 tonnes.

Toyota Reach Trucks (BT Reflex Range)

Suitable for block stacking, drive-in racking, long handling and conventional pallet handling. They operate indoor and outdoor, as well as chilled, cold store or hot environments. This range has the option of a tilting cab for better visibility. Its narrow chassis can meet the demands of even the most intensive applications. The maximum load capacity of this range is 6 tonnes and is capable of reaching heights of 13 metres.

Combi Pedestrian Stackers

Perfect for lifting and handling goods in narrow spaces. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Combi range is capable of lifting long, awkward loads. They can handle both UK and Euro pallets, have a maximum load capacity of 8.0 tonnes and a maximum lift of 8 metres.

BT Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (Vector Range)

Ranging from man-down to man-up trucks, they are available with customisable options. These include shuttle forks, articulated steering and more. The aisles these machines operate within can be as narrow as 1460 millimetres. They can be guided by either a wire or rail. Its maximum load capacity is 1.5 tonnes and its maximum lift is 15.7 metres. 

BT Order Picking (Optio Range)

Available with a variety of chassis options and masts, the BT Optio is TOYOTA’s optimal trucks. All come with a host of customisable features, such as semi-automated operations. Its maximum load capacity is 1.2 tonnes and its maximum height is 12 metres.

About us

Founded in 1985 by Brian Cowles, Locators secured a distribution deal with Toyota. Soon after, we claimed our first major deal with Bacardi Martini in Southampton. Since then, the company has bloomed in partnership with Toyota. In fact, we became one of the first-ever suppliers of articulated forklifts. At first, we supplied customers solely from our purpose-built warehouse in Dorset. However, due to our growth, we widened our reach with Toyota and in 1996, established a branch in Reading. This gave us greater coverage of the M4 corridor and West London.


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