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Warehouse Improvement Ideas

Independent expertise and advice from Locators

At Locators, we specialise in forklifts and storage systems. Our reputation is built on the foundation of hundreds of warehouse improvement ideas. So we know how to help you and your business. It’s also why – for the past 35 years – we’ve been the South’s leading forklift supplier.

We know that running a business is an ongoing mission to maximise efficiency and productivity. But to do that, you need crucial elements in place. First and foremost, you need to optimise your warehouse. Its operational structure should be at the heart of your business. If you have an ineffective warehouse – you have an ineffective business. This is where our warehouse improvement ideas come in.

After all, it’s one thing to say you can fulfil an order, it’s another to actually do it.

So, how can an inefficient warehouse cripple your business? For one, the customer’s order might be severely delayed or fail to dispatch at all. This could be due to disorganisation or the customer’s waning patience. However, they shouldn’t have to stand for inadequate business practice (especially when your competitors are in the wings!)

If you find your warehouse isn’t optimised, your business could be haemorrhaging money. Whilst there might not be any clear indicators, the source is likely your warehouse. Here, we guarantee you can find a multitude of errors that can do with improvement. However, once you tackle these errors with our ideas and expertise, you can course correct. Through improving your approach to warehouse operations, you can maximise your business’s efficiency.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of warehouse improvement ideas. These range from automating processes to advances in logistic technologies and waste reduction. Due to the differences in how each warehouse operates, these are not ranked in any way. For ease of access, we’ve alphabetised and sorted the ideas into the following three sections:

Warehouse Space

In some cases, you’re only as good as your environment. Build a nurturing one for your staff and provide them with the space to breathe and achieve. After all, your customers should have their orders fulfilled on time, without discrepancies. To do that, consider the following warehouse space improvement ideas:


Adopt standardised organisation

It might sound simple but keep your staff on the same page. Organise your workstations and maintain a lean inventory. If you have a member of staff looking for a tool at point A when three others believe it’s in E and other in F – that’s not good. To overcome this, provide clear signage and educate your warehouse practices. If staff know where to go to find that one tool, then your warehouse efficiency is bound to increase. Otherwise, they will waste valuable time. In this regard, Locators offer support services and the following products:



Optimise all available space

If you haven’t maximised your warehouse’s space, change that immediately. While you’re at it, instead of expanding out, expand up (provided your warehouse is tall enough, of course). This way, you don’t have to expand the footprint of your warehouse. Taller storage units – such as cantilever racking – can substantially minimise expansion costs. It’s simple too because you simply keep the same spot!

However, before you make any investments, map out your warehouse. Consider all forms of alternative storage. If you have something small you want to file away, it’s no good storing this on something large – like a pallet. This can lead to disorganisation and loss of goods. Some areas of your warehouse might require shelving, whilst others need racking. Locators offer:



Safety first!

Despite saying our warehouse improvement ideas aren’t ranked, this one should come first – and it’s quite simple. Your staff won’t feel safe operating in an unsafe warehouse. If they proceed in such conditions, they’ll do so cautiously (and illegally). Protect your staff and yourself from legal and moral ineptitude. Ensure your warehouse is safe by keeping good practices – such as a green light system for heavy traffic areas – and maintaining equipment with care. Locators provide:


Warehouse Equipment

If you are looking for ideas on how to improve your warehouse, its equipment is a great place to go. However, each vehicle has its own specific use. If you’re considering investing in such an idea, we would be happy to consult you. We offer everything from cleaning equipment to materials handling solutions. Through maintaining a selection of purpose-built equipment, you can accelerate your business’s efficiency. We’ll summarise our warehouse equipment and explain how they can help your business.


Access Equipment

As its name might suggest, access equipment helps staff reach inaccessible areas. There are many variant options, including articulated booms, scissor lifts or stock pickers. This equipment is meant for the inside. However, it can be used outside, so long as the surface is flat and compact.


Cleaning Machines

Again, cleaning machines – for all intents and purposes – do just that. A clean environment will enable your staff to work safely without fear of slipping. It will also better aid organisation and improve habitual routines. Our range consists of pedestrian and ride-on cleaning machines.


General Warehouse Equipment

These encompass general day-to-day trucks you might find in a warehouse. However, no two warehouses are the same so each vehicle purpose wildly varies. For more information, please click the links or arrange a consultation:



Industrial Forklifts

 Synonymous with all warehouses, these trucks are an absolute must for most warehouses. These include counterbalance and articulated forklifts. Plus, straddle and mobile gantry carriers.

Warehouse Support

Locators have worked with a plethora of businesses. We have first-hand insight into what makes each unique warehouse tick. Although we have the scale and resource of a national company, we deliver the local service you’d expect from a specialist independent. We are not a manufacturer, we are a sales and service organisation. We are able to make swift decisions and adapt to keep our customer’s interests at heart. Talk to us to see how our proactive fleet management and easy to deal with approach can help your business. We can discuss how your warehouse could introduce:


Make with the times

Adapt to new technology. All thriving businesses utilise a Warehouse Management System (WMS). These systems help staff with their organisation throughout the day. They provide automated pick lists and some might suggest best routes for picking. All information is sent to mobile scanners that detect items using barcode technology. This method helps minimise waste as no paper needs to be involved with the process.


Service Support

Are you still stumped for any meaningful warehouse improvement ideas? Maybe you’ve found some but are struggling to put in place changes? Reach out to Locators’ consultants. Our experts will arrange a convenient time to come and see you. We’ll recommend the best support package to help improve your warehouse efficiency. Such intervention can see you greatly reduce your overall costs.


We do more

At Locators, we offer much more than racking systems and materials handling equipment. You can find virtually any warehouse improvement ideas within our easy-to-use online catalogue. These include but are not limited to:


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