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Warehouse Racking

Free-up existing floor space by stacking your pallets.

Perfect for pallet management

Successful warehouse management hinges on one core principle – how well your business has optimised its available space. If your workplace isn’t laid out in a proficient manner then it will hinder your staff’s engagement in their tasks. However, low productivity and the business’s longevity wouldn’t be their responsibility – it would be yours. So how can you alleviate the strain of day-to-day tasks? Start small. Install warehouse racking.

We say small – depending on the height of your warehouse, racking can indeed get very big. However, it’s one of the more basic storage commodities that most – if not all – warehouses take advantage of. That’s because it’s a great way of optimising your warehouse. You can free-up existing floor space by simply stacking your pallets high. Each warehouse is unique and this is where racking really shines. There are a variety of options on the market, most of which incorporate:

  • Barrier systems
  • Practically priced
  • Protection systems
  • Modular frameworks
  • Robust frameworks
  • SEMA approved
  • Suitable for any environment
  • Versatile range of applications

What is warehouse racking?

Warehouse racking is an independent structure that facilitates the storage of goods. These are typically loaded onto pallets, which in turn are loaded into racking. Diverse racking has been designed to accommodate a number of commercial applications. One type of racking might be fantastic in Warehouse A, yet be ill-suited to Warehouse B.

Our experts would be happy to discuss your racking needs in a consultation. The right racking system is essential in supporting your business. The correct solution can increase your efficiency and prevent damage to stock. Through utilising valuable space, you can maximise your area to its full potential. Our safe, high-quality racking offers efficient storage for pallets, boxes, containers and more.

Reach new heights with warehouse racking

Our warehouse racking covers an extensive range of modular styles and sizes. Due to its segmented build, it can be configured in a variety of ways to elevate your storage economics. Such adaptability can help you find a perfect fit for your business functions. However, know that each business is unique and requires its own dynamic solutions. Do you need to store products, materials or packaging supplies? We can help. Get in touch and we can arrange a consultation. Before you do, we’ve handily compiled the right solutions for your business below:


Anti-Collapse Mesh and Partitioning

Warehouses must remain a safe working space for you and your staff. Personnel not only need to be protected in the event that goods fall from above but those goods need to be secured. Anti-collapse mesh and partitioning is a versatile solution that achieves just that.


Barriers and Rack Protection

Whilst practical and space-efficient, racking can fall like dominoes if struck by machinery. To avoid buckling the structure, Locators provide a number of protection solutions. These include upright protection, barrier systems and protection posts.


Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking does away with the traditional pallet racking format. This makes it easier for some businesses who may need to store longer loads. Despite the open nature of this racking, it’s still possible to make use of the space. Provided it’s decked, it can suitably store almost any product.


Live Storage Systems

In placing stored goods on rollers, you can speed up loading and reduce travel distances. It also allows for a greater depth of storage than standard storage systems. It’s ideally suited for holding or marshalling areas for finished goods awaiting despatch.


Mezzanine Floors

A perfect alternative for those businesses in need of expansion. Mezzanine floors maximise the spatial capacity of your current location. These floors have many applications, such as warehousing, retail, offices and production. They also free up space underneath.


Pallet Racking

Space is expensive, yet there’s always a need to store more within your available volume. This is why adjustable pallet racking (APR) is such a sought after commodity, as it’s a low-cost system. Its modular design can also adjust to store different sized goods.


Rack Inspection and Maintenance

You should constantly review whether your warehouse is a safe working environment. Our SEMA trained rack inspectors are on hand to see whether it needs any repairs or replacements. Plus, we can train your staff to carry out their own assessments too.



Minimise travel distances with an orderly set-up. Our modern shelving systems are for lighter duty applications than pallet racking. They’re fully adjustable and can accommodate products of different heights. Maximise your accessibility with our modern shelving solutions.


Warehouse Labelling and Signage

Having worked in warehouses for over 3 decades, we know the best layouts for your warehouse. Plus, we only use the best materials for our products. For quick ease of use, we can install the labels to new racking or fit them to existing equipment.

Why Locators

With over 20 years of experience in storage solutions, we consider ourselves experts. Our solutions provide more storage space to make your warehouse more productive. Don’t think about moving or increasing the size of your warehouse to store more goods. Reach out to us for a consultation first.

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