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Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Shelving

Locators’ ultimate guide to warehouse shelving

Increase productivity, streamline operations and maximise space with our custom-made warehouse shelving systems.

Why custom warehouse shelving is the key to your business success

Unlock the potential of your storage space with our bespoke warehouse shelving.

In the warehousing world, organisation isn’t just a convenience — it’s an absolute necessity. It’s like conducting an orchestra; every product, SKU, and pallet has its role and position and must be ready to perform on cue. Just as a symphony wouldn’t succeed without harmony among its parts, a warehouse without efficient shelving becomes a mess. It will become a cacophony of misplaced items, untapped space, and faltering productivity. The heart of the matter is there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for warehouse shelving. Each warehouse is as unique as a fingerprint, reflecting its business’s needs and challenges. This is where Locators step in. Our team will turn your storage area into a finely tuned instrument with our fully bespoke warehouse shelving solutions.

Our mission is born out of a simple question: why settle for less when you can have a storage solution crafted specifically for your needs? Off-the-shelf products may serve basic purposes, but they can’t cater to the nuances of your operations. Nor can they unlock the true potential of your warehouse. As the leading material handling and storage system company in the South, we know the power of custom shelving. We’ve watched businesses evolve from chaotic disarray into well-oiled machines. These businesses’ inventory is now controlled, their space maximised, and their workflow streamlined, all thanks to one game-changing element — bespoke warehouse shelving. Yet, you might be asking, why should I get this from Locators? The answer is simple; we’re more than just a supplier — we’re a partner in your success. With years of experience in the field, we’ve mastered the art of crafting warehouse shelving systems that don’t just store but perform.

Each piece we design is a melody of functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Each system harmoniously works together to uplift your operations. A skilled composer understands the unique qualities of each instrument. In much the same way, we know that every business has individual needs and goals. We don’t offer a standardised product but a comprehensive, personalised solution. We get to know your operations, inventory, and pain points. We then use this information to design a warehouse shelving system tailored to elevate your productivity. It’ll also streamline your processes and bring order to your operations. This ability to redefine your operations with bespoke warehouse shelving makes Locators stand out. We aren’t just offering a product; we’re offering a transformation. A transformation that turns your warehouse from a simple storage space to a centre of efficiency and productivity. So, why should you opt for bespoke warehouse shelving from Locators? Because we understand that your warehouse isn’t just a place to store products.

Your warehouse is a fundamental part of your business’s symphony and deserves a solution to help it perform at its best.

Warehouse Shelving

How our bespoke warehouse shelving transforms your space

Revolutionise your storage capabilities with our bespoke warehouse shelving — where design meets practicality.

What’s the difference between a successful operation and one that struggles to maintain pace? When it comes to warehousing and inventory management, it’s all in the details. For one, the configuration of your storage system is a paramount factor. This is where the art of customisation meets the practicality of your daily operations. The essence of this art is the understanding that every business is unique. As such, each industry deserves a shelving solution tailored to its specific needs and challenges. At Locators, we are not just providers but collaborators in your success.

We’ve dedicated our expertise to designing a bespoke warehouse shelving system that . . .

🟪 | Brings order to your operations
🟪 | Speeds up your processes
🟪 | And saves you valuable time and resources

The objective is to create a shelving system and build a partnership with you. We aim to . . .

🟪 | Comprehend your business thoroughly
🟪 | Understanding the intricacies of your operations
🟪 | The nature of your storage needs
🟪 | And the rhythm of your warehouse

Our mission is to provide a storage solution that reflects your business. One that effortlessly merges with your operational flow. One that maximises your efficiency and enhances your storage density and accessibility.

Here’s how our warehouse shelving systems will ultimately help all these and contribute to your bottom line . . .

Consultation & Design

In the symphony of warehouse operations, each element performs its part. It must harmonise with the others for the entire system to function efficiently.

Understanding this, we make it our mission to understand the nuances of your operation . . .

🟪 | From the nature of your inventory
🟪 | And the pattern of your picking and replenishment processes
🟪 | To the unique spatial attributes of your warehouse.

We don’t just view these as standalone factors but as interconnected components of your warehouse ecosystem.

Our warehouse shelving systems accommodate an array of applications, whether your inventory comprises . . .

🟪 | Clothing
🟪 | Food
🟪 | Small parts
🟪 | Consumer goods
🟪 | Stationery
🟪 | Archives
🟪 | Printed items
🟪 | Or a variety of other items

Having grasped your warehouse operations and the specific challenges you face, we then proceed to the design stage. Here, we aim to deliver a bespoke shelving system. Such a system will not only address these challenges. It will also enhance your storage density, accessibility, and overall efficiency.

Our Shelving Solutions

Our commitment to providing genuinely bespoke solutions translates into a versatile approach. As such, we offer a variety of shelving systems, each designed to cater to a unique set of requirements . . .

  1. Small Parts Shelving
    Designed for delicate items that require a light touch, this system is perfect for hand-liftable items. Shelves are tailored to sizes up to 1 metre long with frame heights of up to 2 metres. This design is adept at accommodating smaller-scale storage needs. However, as a shelving system, it’s instrumental in maintaining accessibility and orderliness.
  2. Longspan Shelving
    When your storage needs call for more heavy-duty solutions, our long-span shelving steps in. Shelf lengths vary between 1 and 3 metres, and frame heights exceed 2 metres. As such, this system is ideally suited for larger boxes and cartons. Despite its larger scale, the design retains optimal accessibility and adaptability.
  3. Mobile Shelving
    In need of high-density storage that doesn’t compromise on accessibility? If so, our mobile shelving solution is an ingenious design. Set on floor rails, these shelves can be moved manually or electrically. It can maximise storage density while maintaining ease of access. This design is well-suited for applications like archive storage, where space utilisation is a priority.
Installation & Aftercare

Once we’ve designed your bespoke warehouse shelving system, our team of experts then installs it. However, the installation process isn’t just about setting up shelves. It’s about ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your existing operations. Every aspect, from the positioning of the shelves to their alignment with your workflow, is considered. Yet, our commitment to you goes beyond the installation. We understand that businesses evolve, and so do their needs.

As such, we offer ongoing aftercare services, including . . .

🟪 | Maintenance
🟪 | And potential adjustments to your shelving system

This ensures that your shelving system remains a perfect fit as your business grows and your requirements shift. It’s a partnership that we’re committed to for the long run. We’ll ensure your bespoke warehouse shelving system not only continues to optimise your space. We’ll enable it to contribute to your operations’ efficiency.

Time is of the essence, and efficiency is the differentiator between competitors. Therefore, having a reliable, tailored warehouse shelving system isn’t a luxury but a necessity. So why should you choose Locators for your warehouse shelving needs? Because we don’t just offer products. We provide holistic solutions that extend beyond the physical dimensions of warehouse shelving. With over 35 years in the industry, we’ve refined our approach to creating storage systems.

We can create a storage system that drives warehouses towards more efficient, productive operations.

Our approach entails a meticulous process that begins with understanding your unique needs. It then culminates in installing a bespoke shelving system that promises to streamline operations. But our engagement doesn’t end there. We stand by you long after the installation. Our team offer aftercare services to ensure your shelving system evolves with your business. In doing so, we can ensure that it consistently contributes to your operations’ growth.

Our experts are dedicated to . . .

🟪 | Facilitating your business growth
🟪 | Improving your capacity and efficiency
🟪 | And providing a solution that stands the test of time

At Locators, we’re not just invested in your shelving needs; we’re invested in your success.

Warehouse Shelving

What our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions can do for your business

Enhance and reshape your operations for the better with our bespoke warehouse shelving systems.

Bespoke warehouse shelving is more than just a physical structure. It’s a transformational tool that redefines the rhythm of your warehouse. It’s a well-orchestrated symphony of operations, a complex ballet of logistics, where every element plays a crucial role. Among these elements, your warehouse shelving is more than just a static component. It is the beating heart that pulses with the rhythm of your operations. Every shelf, every level, and every aisle is a lifeline that connects your products to your processes and your operations to your outcomes. At Locators, our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions are not just structures. They are the strategic embodiment of this rhythm. Each shelf is designed to tune your warehouse operations to the highest pitch of efficiency. We don’t just put up shelves; we craft solutions. Each is tailored to your unique needs and seamlessly integrated into your operations. But what does this mean in practical terms for your business? How does this philosophy translate into real-world benefits you can see, touch, and measure?

In this section, we’ll explore the tangible value that our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions can bring to your business . . .

Efficiency Boost

Our bespoke warehouse shelving systems are more than a set of racks to store your inventory. They are designed as strategic tools to boost operational efficiency. Our customised designs streamline every facet of your warehouse operations. It covers everything from storage and picking to replenishment and shipping.

Yet above all, our shelving systems inject a turbo boost into your operational engine, thanks to . . .

🟪 | Optimised storage space
🟪 | Minimised travel distances
🟪 | And quicker pick times

To reiterate, warehouse shelving won’t merely hold your inventory. It’ll facilitate its smooth transition from the warehouse to its final destination. It thereby accelerates your operational tempo and increases productivity.

Cost Savings

An effective shelving system doesn’t just save space; it saves costs. Our bespoke warehouse shelving systems bring a decisive economic advantage. It does so by streamlining processes and optimising resource usage.

Its efficiency gains lead to reductions in . . .

🟪 | Handling times
🟪 | Labour needs
🟪 | And errors

In turn, these all translate into tangible cost savings. These savings aren’t limited to a one-time benefit but recur over the lifecycle of your operations. It helps free up resources that can then be reinvested back into your business for expansion and innovation.

Space Optimisation

Square footage often equates to operational capacity and business scalability. Therefore, optimising warehouse space is critical. Our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions are designed with this in mind. It offers a customised fit for your unique warehouse environment. We extract every ounce of potential from your available space and translate it into tangible storage solutions. These solutions maximise storage density without compromising accessibility or workflow.

To ensure optimal utilisation of every inch of your warehouse space, we offer a range of warehouse shelving options, including . . .

🟪 | Small parts shelving
🟪 | Longspan shelving
🟪 | Mobile shelving

Flexibility & Scalability

With ever-changing market dynamics and business needs, flexibility and scalability are not optional — they’re a necessity. It’s why we build these critical elements into our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions. Our experts ensure they’re not just fit for purpose today but are ready to adapt and scale for tomorrow. Our solutions are designed to expand, adjust, and grow with your business.

They can easily accommodate changes in your . . .

🟪 | Product range
🟪 | Inventory volume
🟪 | Or operational processes

In short, it offers a future-proof solution that evolves with your needs. So, as your business grows, your shelving system grows with it. It will adapt to ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions are not merely an adjunct in the grand scheme of your business operations. They are a critical factor in shaping your success narrative. They are the silent partners in your everyday operations that enhance the flow of your workflow. They are there to nurture a conducive environment for productivity and catalyse growth. These systems aren’t just about organising your goods. They are strategic assets and an investment in your business’s future. They promise lasting value and flexibility that adapts and evolves with your changing needs. For many companies, choosing Locators is a statement.

It means embracing a commitment to . . .

🟪 | Quality
🟪 | Safety
🟪 | Security

It means putting your trust in over 35 years of industry experience in integrated material handling and storage systems. Our bespoke warehouse shelving solutions will elevate your business to new levels of efficiency. So let us be the architects of your warehouse transformation. Let’s co-create a warehouse space that meets your current needs, anticipates, and grows with your future aspirations.

Leverage our warehouse shelving solutions for a more streamlined, efficient, and prosperous future.

Warehouse Shelving

Get in touch and benefit from bespoke warehouse shelving

Locators are the South’s leading material handling and storage system company.

If you are interested in bespoke warehouse shelving, you can also be assured of our expert, impartial advice and high-quality services. Our team works with some of the largest companies in our area and some of the smaller ones. So, if you want a partner with the resources and capability to help your business succeed, get in touch.

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