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Warehouse Signage

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A warehouse can pose a number of risks to health and safety. However, clear visual warnings reduce the risk of accidents occurring on site. Many of these accidents can be pre-empted and avoided altogether. To comply with health and safety regulations, you must invest in warehouse signage. You should isolate and identify any potential risks to effectively manage site safety. These can include:

  • Dangerous Forklift Traffic
  • Improper Walkways
  • Overloaded Racking
  • . . . and much, much more

An accident in the workplace could not only cost you your business its reputation . . . it could cost someone their life. It’s always best to be safe than sorry. Take health and safety seriously and don’t run the risk. Once you put policies in place to address hazards, you can reassess and optimise them later on. This ensures that your employees have peace of mind navigating your warehouse.

Locators have over 35 years of experience working in warehouses. We have a keen interest in organisational solutions. Through effective planning, we believe that warehouses can operate more efficiently. To make your workspace prosper, we offer strong visual guidance at affordable prices. Our team can install these labels with a racking build or later fit them to existing equipment. In some cases, you yourself can adapt the signage should you rearrange your layout. We provide a comprehensive range of warehouse signage:


Aisle & Bay Markers

These easy-to-read signs are typically utilised as a simple letter or numerical indication. They allow employees to navigate warehouses and reach the designated aisle in question. Despite sharing similar characteristics, each warehouse’s management varies. Accompanying signage might need to incorporate for those less familiar with the warehouse.


Code Labels

Nowadays, most warehouses incorporate Warehouse Management System (WMS). These systems send data to mobile scanners that detect items using barcode technology. This minimises waste as the paper isn’t needed for pick lists. To accommodate WMS, code labels are imperative. However, different warehouses use different systems – such as EAN, ISBN or QR codes.


Document Pockets

For a simpler solution to warehouse signage, why not print your own information? For areas that require frequent changes, this could prove to be a far easier solution. Especially when it comes to conveying relevant info to your colleagues and employees. We have a selection of sizes featuring self-adhesive or magnetic strips along the top.

Floor Signals

Warehouse signage is typically associated with racking. However, floor space is just as important. We offer a range of high-visibility self-adhesive floor signals. These should be applied to a clean, flat surface. Such signals are great for indicating walkways and forklift routes. PVC signage can withstand everyday abrasion from forklifts and general wear and tear.


Floor Graphic Markers

Graphic markers are a great way of providing a clean-cut visual message to any floor. Used to highlight hazards, they are made using the same PVC material as floor signals. Capable of withstanding day-to-day abrasions, they come with a variety of visual stimuli.


Frames for Documents

For important info that shouldn’t be removed (such as a document pocket), we would recommend a frame. Our frames are typically screwed into shelving or filing cabinets. We can do this service in advance and provide storage with frames pre-installed.


Frames for Floors

Available in a variety of sizes, these flat frames are used to identify bulk stack locations. They are highly durable and come in an assortment of colours. Including, one with one black and yellow striped hazard markings. Featuring a self-adhesive back, the frame must be left for 24 hours for the adhesive to cure. Once in place, this the signage provides numerous options for customisation. Although it’s designed for use on the floor, the frame can also be used on walls, doors, or any flat and clean surface.


Label Holders

Self-adhesive label holders function in much the same way as a document pocket. Simply stick the holder onto racking or shelving and go. They act as a great solution for warehouses where information requires frequent amendments. We offer a wide selection of sizes that come prepared with white card and clear PVC strips.


Location Markers

Similar to magnetic tape, location markers are magnetic labels. They can also be written on with a wet-wipe marker pen, however, they come pre-cut. This offers a quick and visible means of identifying all manner of supplies.


Magnetic Tape

Similar to location markers, magnetic tape also offers wipe on/wipe off functionality. It acts as an effective means of updating your warehouse to accommodate new stock. Unlike location markers, magnetic tape does not come pre-cut and comes on a roll. However, this allows for a greater range of customisation and is great for racking.

Magnetic Self-adhesive Tape

Available in four widths, each is backed with a strong self-adhesive. This way you can magnetise items on a non-magnetic surface. These have a number of uses in a warehouse and can make for more than adequate warehouse signage.


Numbers & Letters

These come in a range of sizes, quantities and two colour options. Choose from individual self-adhesive sheets of identical numbers or letters. They are tough vinyl labels that look professional and are easy to apply and clean.



Available in a variety of sizes, these bags are perfect for segregating waste. They also come with accompanying texts and symbols. Plus, other designs and special prints – including logos – are available on request. Racksacks can prove to be a truly unique and creative form of warehouse signage. Better still, they can provide a dual purpose!


Rainbow Pockets

Great for communication boards or racking, rainbow pockets are available in distinct colours – black, blue, green, red and yellow. There are three application options; magnetic, self-adhesive and tie-on. These pockets are great for warehouses operating lean management systems.


Ticket Holders

Ticket holders function in much the same way as a label holder. Manufactured from clear PVC they are available with either magnetic or self-adhesive backing. Simply stick the holder onto racking or shelving and go. These long strips are a great solution for warehouses that require frequent amendments.


Ticket Pockets

Similar to ticket holders, these are manufactured from clear PVC. They are available with either magnetic or self-adhesive backing. However, instead of being a long strip, these come in different sized “pockets”. Their purpose is to hold various forms of labelling behind a protective barrier. These can withstand general wear and tear that would occur in warehouse environments.


Weight Load Notices

These semi-rigid weight loading notices detail procedures for the maintenance of racking. They are crucial elements of warehouse signage and follow health and safety regulations. Signs can come printed or unprinted. Each sign can be customised with your corporate logo, address and contact details.


Wire Shelving Clips

For a simpler solution to warehouse signage, why not clip up your own information? For wire shelving that requires frequent changes, this could prove to be a great solution. Especially when you want to convey relevant info to your colleagues or employees.


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