Fully integrated material handling & storage systems for your business

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Warehouse Solutions

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Efficient warehouse solutions

Fully integrated materials handling and storage systems for your business

For the past 35 years, Locators’ warehouse solutions have revitalised countless sites. Want to make your warehouse more efficient? Boost productivity by capitalising on the functionality of your warehouse. At Locators, we can help give your business that competitive edge.

So ask yourself: How can I make this space work for me?

It’s often the case that we’re called out by businesses wanting advice on how to best adapt to their environment. In the past, they’ve gotten on with things to the best of their abilities – only to reach a breaking point. That’s where we come in. Once they consult with our experts, they’ll see that their venture isn’t as hopeless as it may have seemed.

Unsure how your warehouse could benefit from our solutions? Arrange a consultation today. We’d be happy to talk you through our product range and more.

Our experts assess your warehouse and determine whether your business is efficiently run. If not, we’ll establish a list of potential alterations. This is undertaken in conjunction with our stacked knowledge on warehouse solutions. These range from the racking and mezzanines we provide to the forklifts we supply. Once you approve these changes, our warehouse solutions will save you time and money.

As the South’s leading independent materials handling company, we are a reputable service. With 24 engineers and 75 employees, the majority of our team have been at Locators for well over 20 years. We like to build working relationships with our clients and support UK distribution. We understand how storage systems integrate with materials handling equipment and our customers’ overall operation. Our extensive range sees our customers get what is best for their business, in their industry.

Our knowledge and expertise can help improve productivity and reduce your costs. We want to help you get more from the space you have. We’re easy to deal with and put you at the centre of everything we do. Get in touch today.