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For fully integrated materials handling and storage systems for your business – look to Locators. We equip powered trucks for all manner of warehouses. As a single-source supplier, we tackle the key requirements of your business. This guarantees successful outcomes and allows us to monitor your warehouse’s performance.

Locators are exclusive distributors for leading brands like Toyota, Manitou, Combilift and Constructor. We are a service focussed organisation intent on being easy to deal with. We deliver value for money and want to help you with the efficiency of your warehouse. Our versatile range of warehouse trucks best reflects the precision of the Locator brand.

For the past 35 years, we have been the South’s leading supplier of material handling equipment. This includes everything from warehouse trucks to equipment and solutions. Our experience and passion for what we do mean we are perfectly placed to help your business thrive. As an independent distributor, we’re intent on supplying the best trucks to fit your needs. Our in-depth warehouse analysis enables our customers to achieve their goals. Better yet, the benefits of our trucks can trigger significant reductions in outgoings.

Warehouse trucks are vital behind-the-scenes equipment in day-to-day trade. However, they can be a considerable investment for any business to make. It’s because of this that it’s essential to find the best type of warehouse trucks to fit your business needs. If you are considering in such an investment, then read on to learn about the variety of trucks available. Through maintaining a selection of purpose-built equipment, you can accelerate your business’s efficiency. On the following page, we’ll go through different warehouse trucks and show how they can help you.

Industrial Reach Forklift Trucks

These trucks are functionally similar to articulated forklifts, yet are somewhat truncated. Unlike the “bendy’s”, the operator cabin is positioned beside the load rather than behind it. This improves its turning radius and gives the operator a clearer view of their load. Renowned for their extended lift height, these trucks are ideal for high rise racking. With two forks fitted to the side of the truck, they are not too dissimilar from standard forklifts. Yet, the reach truck can extend to greater heights.

Pros: Extended reach, increased manoeuvrability (especially within tight spaces)
Cons: Has limited applications and requires level ground

Industrial Sideloader Forklifts

These are specifically designed to transport wide and long loads in narrow aisles. As its name might suggest, these vehicles approach their load from the side. However, in most trucks, the operator typically faces the load. This can prove disorientating as the wheels face to their left or right. Fortunately, some models are multi-directional.

Pros: Ideal for the transportation of awkward loads, especially in compact aisles
Cons: Has limited applications and can be disorientating (depending on model type)

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks

Most commonly used in day-to-day operations within warehouse settings. Pedestrian operated typically refers to the upright position these trucks are operated from. In utilising them, your staff can easily transport heavy goods without straining themselves. There’s a wide variety, however, and each type comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Some might be able to lift, stack and tow but due to their petite size, their functionality is restricted. Locators provide the following:

Toyota Towing Trucks (Tracto & Simai)

Trucks can handle palletised and non-palletised loads. There are light and heavy duty models available, with pedestrian, stand-in and rider options available. Locators provide six variants.

Pros: Ideal for towing something quickly and efficiently
Cons: Has limited applications and limited manoeuvrability

Toyota Powered Stacker Trucks (BT Staxio Range)

Available in pedestrian, rider seated or stand-in versions. It has lifting capacities from 800kgs to 2000kgs and lift heights up to 6.3 metres. Locators provide six variants.

Pros: Great for stacking and horizontal transport
Cons: Has limited applications and must be used on even terrain

Toyota Powered Pallet Trucks (BT Levio Range)

These models can be used for a wide variety of indoor applications such as loading/unloading, order picking and horizontal transport. Locators provide five variants.

Pros: A cheaper alternative to other warehouse trucks that allows you to transport pallets.
Cons: Has limited applications and (depending on the model) can invoke fatigue

Combi Pedestrian Stackers

Has a range of lifting capacities and is perfect suited for narrow spaces. Able to handle standard pallets, as well as long and awkward loads. Locators provide four variants.

Pros: Good in a narrow spot and (depending on the model) can carry or lift awkward loads
Cons: Has limited applications and (depending on the model) can invoke fatigue

BT Very Narrow Aisle Trucks (Vector Range)

Available with different options including shuttle forks, articulated steering or both. The aisles for these trucks can be as narrow as 1460 millimetres. Locators provide four variants.

Pros: Great for viewing loads whilst handling
Cons: Has limited applications and (depending on model) requires wire or rail guidance

BT Order Picking (Optio Range)

Available in a variety of picking heights, load capacities, chassis options and masts. These picking trucks suit all types of order picking operations. Locators provide four variants

Pros: Great for multi-height picking and transportation needs
Cons: Has limited applications and (depending on model) requires wire or rail guidance

Why invest in warehouse trucks and equipment?

At Locators, we supply the above warehouse trucks and more. If you would like to arrange a free consultation, please in touch. Our main goal is to provide our customers with our knowledge and expertise. With over 35 years of experience, we are the South’s leading forklift supplier. Come to us for help with implementing the very best warehouse trucks for your business.

Without the presence of warehouse trucks in your business, you’d soon see a dip in productivity. That’s because trucks are an essential staple of any fully functioning warehouse. After all, how would you operate without the ability to safely transport goods? If a staff member attempted to move a heavy load, there’s a high chance one easily avoidable thing could happen:


In forgoing much-needed warehouse trucks, you’re violating health and safety. A warehouse must provide its staff with reliable tools. Such equipment alleviates day-to-day strain on their bodies. The transportation of heavy loads should only be done with some form of truck or equipment. Otherwise, significant injury will occur. If there’s no sign of immediate damage, that doesn’t rule out any underlying damage. Your staff could be undergoing significant muscular strain. Picture the elasticity of an elastic band. It might be able to stretch but it will snap. The absence of warehouse trucks could have a detrimental effect on your staff’s health in years to come. Also, besides the obvious safety violations, your goods could incur unnecessary damage. Which is the last thing any business owner wants. Plus, depending on the state of the product, its value could plummet. Worse yet, it might need to be disposed of. You can avoid such a scandal from happening in your warehouse by investing in your staff. Get in touch today and Locators will facilitate your needs.

You can trust us to give you the very best independent advice. Locators will deliver results that will maximise the efficiency of your business. With 24 engineers and 75 employees, the majority of our team have been at Locators for well over 20 years. We like to build working relationships with our clients and support UK distribution. Our knowledge and expertise can help improve productivity and reduce your costs.

Looking at short time hire or want to purchase warehouse trucks? Know that you can always trust Locators to give you the very best independent advice. We deliver results that can maximise the efficiency of your business. Our resources are critical elements in providing a competitive edge in the marketplace.