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Warehousing and Storage


Locators can assist with your warehousing and storage needs. Our team are well-versed in Health & Safety and won’t overlook its vital role in the warehouse. With 24 engineers and 75 employees, the majority of our team have been with us for well over 20 years. Given our job roles, we all have an invested interest in the relief of manual handling. Yet, we also like to build strong working relationships with our clients. This way, we can do our bit to support safe working conditions throughout UK distribution.

Our strong reputation has made us the South’s leading independent materials handling company. Locators have operated for over 35 years and have no plans of slowing down!
Being able to work with one supplier for storage and materials handling has been a benefit to us. Locators managed the complete installation and ensured the correct materials handling equipment was specified for their design. They also service and maintain all of the equipment they have supplied and offer a rack inspection service to make sure our warehouse remains a safe working environment. We are very happy with our new facility and we believe we have made the best use of the available space.
Marc Congdon

Engineering Manager, Costa

Our team exhibit the knowledge needed to safely manoeuvre within a warehouse. We are competent in manual handling and have keen musculoskeletal awareness. It’s because of this that we’re able to appropriately assign warehouse and storage equipment. We do this so that our goods and services can adequately relieve the load of your workers. Such considerations will make your warehouse more efficient and practical to work within. We always consider the prevention of avoidable risks and hazards within a warehouse. Such basic procedures should be followed to limit the risk of emergencies on the job.

We understand how storage systems integrate with materials handling equipment. Locators have a collective knowledge of warehousing and storage health and safety. This way, we can see that our customers get what’s best for their business, in their industry. We’re easy to deal with and put you at the centre of everything we do. Get in touch today.